“I love your hair.”

“I love your hair.”

As far as small talk goes, that’s pretty mild, I know. There’s no pressure on either party, so no one has to walk away feeling shunned. It can be ended with a “thank you”, and receiving a compliment is far less taxing than discussing the weather. It could, however, continue on to a conversation about hairstyles, accessories, fashion, charity, work, kids, and life.

Because small talk isn’t always small. Sometimes it’s an outstretched hand, an opening. It’s a gesture of words that says, “I, as a human, want to connect with you, another human, for a minute.”

“I love your hair.” Four words filled with wonder and amazement and adoration and warmth. Four words that we all like to hear, but words that could be brushed off as quickly as they’re said.

I urge you to accept the “simple” words offered to you. You may never know what they mean to someone. Whether they’re about sports, the weather, the latest movie in the theater, or your hair, I hope you’ll accept them all as the human connection they are meant to be.. It may last a second, or it may be the beginning of a long, long friendship.

Hey, you. I love your hair.

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