Louisiana Long Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new places to visit. Living in north Texas means there are tons of roadtrip worthy destinations within a half-day’s drive. 

Caddo Lake
Last weekend was my birthday. To celebrate, my parents asked us to join them in Bossier City, Louisiana. Now, Bill and I have visited Bossier City in the past, but it was a childless version of us that went way back then. Bill spent most of his time in the riverboat casinos. I wandered around the mall and met him at the buffets. And I napped. Overall, there wasn’t much to do.

That said, I’m pretty sure we used a paper map to navigate our way back then. There was no TripAdvisor or Google at our fingertips. So, before agreeing to go, I did some research. God bless the internet. 

We stayed at the Horseshoe. We chose this hotel because they comped our rooms and we don’t like to pass up on FREE. It was not a great family-friendly establishment though. Now, I understand it’s a casino hotel, so I’m not complaining. Our room was nice, the employees were nice, and there was an ice cream shop in the lobby. But the pool was restricted to 21 and over guests, and it was visible from our window, so it was basically a torture chamber for a 12 and 8 year-old. 

Salted caramel ice cream at the Horseshoe
We arrived late on Thursday, immediately got some ice cream and went to bed. 

Caddo Lake
Friday, we had an early lunch at the hotel buffet. Then, my dad and Bill spent the afternoon in the casino, while the rest of us went shopping at the Louisiana Boardwalk. Breely got a panda at Build A Bear. After the boardwalk, we drove out to Caddo Lake. I really wanted to see the huge cypress trees growing up out of the water. From there, we stopped at a hometown bakery called Julie Anne’s and bought all their cupcakes. (Not really.)

That evening, we booked a room at Escape Shreveport. This was so fun. Our room theme was Fallout Shelter, and we had to work together to solve clues to escape the room. Colton is now hooked and ready to go back. 

After escaping the room

Dinner that night was at Copeland’s and it was good. Get the fried chicken. It was delicious and crunchy and spicy. As we drove to the casino, the sun was setting and everything turned pink. It was beautiful. 

The Red River
On Saturday, we drove an hour south to Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches Parish. The history of this place is so interesting, dating back 200 years. 

Melrose Plantation
Two 150 year-old oak trees entwined together
Eldorado Resort and Casino is home to The Vintage steakhouse and that is where we reserved a table for Saturday night. The food was yummy (perfectly-cooked steaks and GIANT, loaded baked potatoes) and the service was outstanding. 

Sunday was my actual birthday. We had to checkout and get back home, but remember, I did my research on Shreveport/Bossier City. And I had been waiting all weekend to play the “birthday girl gets to choose where we eat” hand. 

My research told me that Shreveport has a Piccadilly Cafeteria, y’all!

I haven’t been to one in years. I used to go on Sundays with my grandma. I remember standing in the line. I remember choosing Jello as my salad. I remember carefully lifting my tray and bravely walking through the dining room amongst all the other grandmas before finally reaching our table and exhaling a sigh of “I didn’t spill anything” relief. 

Let me tell y’all: Piccadilly still smells the same. It still tastes the same. It’s still full of grandmas. 

I was so giddy, I created the following black and white Piccadilly photo series. Enjoy. 

Not my grandma
The kids’ first Piccadilly experience
The good husband
Mom and Dad
Some people travel the U.S. to see sights, or baseball stadiums, or concerts. I shall visit each remaining Piccadilly Cafeteria. And my dying breath will be stifled with a fork full of broccoli rice casserole. 

Also, northern Louisiana was a ton of fun. Check it out, you guys. 💋

The fam

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