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We spent Spring Break in the Big Apple this year. I’ve visited the city once before, but it was a first for the rest of my crew. We had so much fun. And we froze. As Texans, we didn’t get a good, cold winter this year, but NYC stepped up and reminded us how to shiver.

When it comes to New York City, there is so much to do and, because of that, this will be a long post. That said, I won’t write out a bunch of unnecessary text to fill the page. We did a lot of walking and sightseeing, and I took a lot of photos. I hope they make you feel like you were there with us. ūüíč

She’s channeling her inner NYC runway model
A rare bickering-free moment
This is a photo of Breely looking up at all the buildings. It reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore. “Love is all around.”

When we landed, it was snowing. We stayed two blocks from Central Park, at the Salisbury Hotel. (I seriously cannot say enough good things about this hotel. If you want to feel like you’re staying in NYC, choose the Salisbury. It’s affordable, with small lobby and a friendly doorman always on duty. Great location. Clean. Historic. LARGE rooms. Crystal doorknobs throughout our room. We loved it.) After check in, we went to the park to play in the snow.

Friday night is free admission at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Watching people climb stairs is better than climbing stairs.
Looking down from the 5th floor.
Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’
The only way to get a photo without anyone else in it, is to force your way to the front of the crowd. There, you’ll most likely find someone taking 25 selfies in front of the painting, ruining it for everyone else. I didn’t take my selfie up there, but I did make my way through the crowd for a quick photo of the painting, and ruined some girl’s 18th selfie.
Van Gogh’s ‘Portrait of Joseph Roulin’
Kandinsky’ ‘Picture with an Archer’

We saw ‘Chicago’ on Broadway after visiting the MoMA. It was fantastic.

This guy was drumming on buckets in the middle of the street while we were buying our show tickets.

Saturday was jammed packed for us. We started at Liberty Island with a climb up to Statue of Liberty¬†crown. From there, we had lunch at Lombardi’s,¬†America’s first pizzeria. In the afternoon, we visited the 911 Memorial and Museum. Side note: I saw way too many young people posing for smiling, happy selfies at the memorial. That they don’t realize their error tells me we have failed those youngins, and the people who lost their lives that day.

Y’all don’t wanna mess with the gang in the last car.

Statue of Liberty (zoomed in) from Battery Park
Manhattan from Liberty Island

Two spiral staircases that wrap around a center post. One goes up to the crown and the other goes down.
Hand and torch from inside the crown.
Tablet from inside the crown.
The old ladder access to the torch.
The spiral staircase up to the crown.

Little Italy

Lombardi’s Pizza
Freedom Tower

Now, remember I mentioned the friendly doorman at our hotel? On Saturday night, he told us about a place called Burger Joint. It was across the street from our hotel, and hidden down a dark, curtained hallway off the lobby in the Le Parker Meridien hotel. The only thing indicating it’s there is a small burger-shaped neon sign. The menu is written in marker on torn up cardboard and the walls are covered in writing from all the previous customers. There’s very little seating, maybe 10 tables. And if you linger to chat once you’ve finished eating, they will tell you to leave.

I bought a black and white cookie from Junior’s Restaurant¬†on Friday and it was my late night snack on Saturday. ¬†(Jr.’s is yummy. Go there. Eat the complimentary coleslaw and definitely get the original cheesecake.)

On Sunday, we walked to the American Girl Place¬†on 5 Ave. Breely had been saving all her money for a new doll, and up until this point she had been pretty patient about going. But her patience had run out, so we got there first thing. Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock¬†was next. Then, we hitched a ride on the subway down to the Flat Iron District, and from there, we took the PATH to Hoboken, New Jersey. We mainly did this so we could say we’ve been to New Jersey, but while we were there we went to Carlo’s Bakery, and then walked the pier to get a different vantage point of Manhattan Island. After Hoboken, we visited Chinatown and Brooklyn, where we dined at¬†Grimaldi’s.

Looking for Al Roker
St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Rockefeller Plaza

Top of the Rock lobby
Empire State Building and the Manhattan skyline from the Top of the Rock

Central Park

Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery
Flat Iron District

Flat Iron Building
Hoboken, New Jersey
Carlo’s Bakery

Manhattan from New Jersey


The Empire State Building lit up by the setting sun and framed by the Manhattan Bridge
Grimaldi’s Pizza

A few years ago, a girlfriend and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge after a day of exploring the city. By the time we reached DUMBO, our phones had just enough juice to snap a few pics of Manhattan before they died. It was late on a Sunday night. The streets were empty. We had no map, no idea of where to find a metro station, and no desire to walk back over the bridge. We finally ran into a woman who gave us vague verbal directions on where to go. And after about 10 more minutes of wandering, we found the station, illuminated by green lights, and guiding us home. On this trip, we again went to Brooklyn on a Sunday to eat pizza and we braved the cold and, again, near-dead iPhones to take some pics. I wasn’t worried though, because this time I KNEW where to find the station. It was the exact same one we had walked to before. As we rounded the corner and saw the green lights, I remembered the story of my last time in Brooklyn and I kind of laughed. It was then that we saw yellow tape blocking off access to the subway. And then our phones died. Brooklyn kills cell phones on Sunday nights, people. That is all. Thank you.

On Monday, we spent the majority of our time wandering around Times Square. We also bought tickets to The Ride NYC, a bus that tours the city and has actors performing on the streets of NYC. It was very entertaining. And then we saw ‘School of Rock’ on Broadway that evening.

Our favorite deli was Premier Deli Cafe on 7

One of the street performers on The Ride
One of The Ride tour guides/comedians
Shake Shack
Empire State Building

Tuesday brought snow and a delayed flight. We spent as much time as we could stand in Central Park and stayed one extra night.

Wednesday morning was still snow-covered, but we were able to make it out of LaGuardia with a layover in Fort Lauderdale before going home.

All photos are original © jennifer crouch

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